Useful documents to help you plan and promote your walks:

Before the walk

Walk Rules: This is what we would like everyone to be doing at their walks and is based on safety, common sense and feedback from previous years organisers.

GGGW 2017 Promo notes: Some very sound advice from our Press Officer on how to promote your walk

What to do when: A handy reminder of what you should be doing when

Walk Risk Assessment: If your venue is owned by a council or large organisation they may ask you to do one of these.  Please email if you need guidance with the form. 

2017 Poster: Download and insert your own walk details.

Save the date cards: 8 cards per A4 sheet

Medals inserts



2017 Press Release (editable): This years press release that can be personalised by yourself

Press Release 2: 4 Weeks to go

After Walk Press Release: Can be sent to local press or media after the walk. Full of the stats


For walk day

Walk Rules HandoutA handy leaflet to hand to walkers on the day. Prints 4 to A4 page

Flyers and Save the Date cards are also available ready printed via the Promotional Materials Order Form.

2017 Certificate of Attendance

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is self-funding and relies on the sale of merchandise and donations to keep running.  Donations can be made by Paypal to or cheques payable to Greyhound Walks sent to 5 Washall Drive, Braintree, Essex, CM77 7GF

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