your_country_needs_you_by_ugghhzilla-d3i3nl0The Great Global Greyhound Walk is managed and run entirely by volunteers and we are always on the lookout for ‘do-ers’ to join our small team especially as the project has grown and grown within the UK and expands worldwide.

Below are some of the tasks and positions we need help with.

GGGW Goodies & Merchandise

We need someone with an eye for finding that something that our walkers and organisers will want to buy that will make each year’s GGGW memorable and a bit of fun.

We’d need you from November to February to find the goods and arrange the orders. Also liaise with our collar, coat and t-shirt suppliers, our web team and overseas coordinators.

Social Media Help

We would like a small band of helpers to assist with this, both on Twitter, as well as Facebook. If you check into either of the groups each day and can help others, you are the sort of person we need. If you can guarantee to be on either at particular times or are a night owl that is even better. We have queries coming in from all time zones these days.  How we’ve got to where we are and what we do now is below!

GGGW now has a very active Facebook group with over 3,500 members and Twitter has over 1,000 followers. This has been achieved through regular posts/updates, fun competitions, pictures,  interesting articles and maintaining the peace. Both Facebook and Twitter must keep rigidly to the GGGW ethos and we have guidelines as to what can or cannot be posted. These are available in the files section on Facebook and are sent to all new members with a short welcome message.

In the run up to walk date, the social media side becomes extremely busy with people asking questions and trying to obtain information. Questions range from where is their nearest walk, is a particular breed allowed to walk, where to download posters, how to make a donation, etc. The information is available on the website, however, people need guiding there with the appropriate link.

Worldwide Coordinators

In the last 2 years, our experiment for Worldwide walks has really hit the right spot. Help is always needed to reach all the greyhound / sighthound communities across the globe.  Working within the GGGW ethos and alongside our current USA coordinator we’d like help to reach group/individuals in Canada, USA.

Europe is proving to be a tough cookie to crack. We have walks registered there, but some walks are simply because people are holidaying abroad. It would be lovely to have more “proper” walks registered in France, Germany and Belgium, for example. There must be greyhound walking groups in Europe. Can you help find them and work with them?

As interest grows we’ll also looking for other coordinators in other parts of the world – watch this space!

Media/Event Advertising

Eve Regelous has been spearheading the GGGW media and event advertising campaign over the last couple of years. Gradually more and more companies are wanting to become part of the GGGW project and it is time to see if anyone can offer Eve a helping hand.


Do you have a couple of hours a week you could spare, especially between January and April, to spend finding, contacting and keeping in touch with GGGW sponsors? It would be fantastic to have a major sponsor, but so far this has eluded us. Can you help? Do you know someone or a company that can help?

If you are interested in helping us with any of the above roles please do contact us.