Testimonials from GBGW 2015

  • For the general public to see so many greyhounds together, all relaxed and getting on with other dogs and people, especially when there are other breeds attending the walk, is a great way to promote what wonderful pets they make and dispel any notions that they do not make good pets.
  • The GBGW is an opportunity to meet other hound owners in friendly global companionship. Most importantly it is a chance to promote greyhound adoption but don’t wait till next years to attend. Find your local rescue, attend a walk, chat to the humans and share some time with these wonderful creatures. They will win you over and if you adopt they will steal your heart forever.
    Poole, Dorset
  • The GBGW is a wonderful opportunity to gather with like-minded, greyhound-obsessed humans, as well as getting our houndies to party it up! It was greyt getting together with old and new friends on this special day.
    San Fransisco
  • One of the best days of the year. It is so much fun preparing for it all and wonderful to meet so many people and their dogs. Wonderfully organised, with so much attention to detail.
    Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • This was my first year, and immediately I felt very welcome. The route was just the right terrain and length. My lurcher Bluebell is of a nervous nature but she coped really well. We would love to take part next year.
    Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • After only rehoming my greyhound two days before, this was an ideal way to join the greyhound owners club!
  • Felt so proud walking all our dogs together!!
    Hamilton, New Zealand
  • What a spectacular event, so many like minded people all getting together and enjoying each other tips and stories. Always very friendly. Events organised brilliantly. Don’t know any other breed you could get so many together without any aggravation. Thank you.
    Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
  • A wonderful walk which the hounds love as they get to meet others, and the humans mostly have treats! Everyone is very welcoming and I know a few people have adopted after meeting hounds on the GBGW so it’s great to raise awareness.
    Blackburn, Lancashire
  • The run up to the event has been fab on social media, our walk was well supported and raised funds for greys. I am planning a walk in Spain next year and happy to be part of the GBGW. Well done to all the organisers and to our Hound Ambassador Jack.
  • A fantastic event that brings like minded people together for leisurely walk, followed by a picnic and a bit of fun – top day out.
    Brandon, Suffolk
  • Thanks to the organizers of the GBGW, it truly showcases these wonderful hounds and the big hearts of their owners. We are all one big group worldwide with one great purpose, greyhound adoption and rescue.
    Plano, Texas
  • We went on our first walk in January this year (as recommended by a fellow walker) and we’ve been hooked! Our dog was so nervous to start with but now, 6 months later, he is such a confident boy who loves meeting up with his GBGW friends – so good to see him so happy, confident and enjoying the pack walk! A wonderful way for us humans to get advice and tips from other owners to and make new friends!
    Braintree, Essex