GGGW 2018


Greyhounds, and their owners, united across the world on Sunday 10th June 2018 for the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk (GGGW).
We can confirm that this year was the most successful GGGW yet – with over 200 walks taking place across the globe. York in the UK topped the charts with an amazing number of 241 attendees – quite a sight walking through the city! Three more UK walks topped 100. Globally the event goes from strength to strength, with Perth, Auckland, Dublin and San Diego all having excess of 100 participants. The total number of hounds registered to walk in 2018 was 6387 – over 600 up on last year. This event has come such a long way since its origins 12 years ago when just 6 greyhounds walked in Essex. Indeed this was the fifth year that it has been globally recognised.
Participants could choose whether to register group walks or have their own Little Local Walk – which could just be their daily ‘walk around the block’, but their hound(s) were counted in the final totals and have pride that they had been a part of something much bigger. Many of the group walks were very social events with picnics, fun and games, fundraising stalls and even dog shows, combined. Several rehoming charities participated and we are delighted to report that several hounds, at least 12, have found loving new homes due to being involved in the GGGW event.
This years theme was Love is All Around and we had lots of people and hounds dress up and show their passion for greyhounds. These much under-rated dogs make fabulous pets. Often referred to as 40mph coach potatoes, greyhounds have very gentle natures, can curl up surprisingly small (but if given the chance can also spread out across the whole of your 3 seater sofa!) and can adapt to many people’s lifestyles – they are an amazingly versatile breed.
Already we will be thinking towards next year, Sunday 9th June 2019, as the event grows ever bigger and popular. After televised reports in New Zealand and Canada this year, and numerous mentions in papers and magazines, we will be aiming high to further increase our publicity for next years walk.

Sue Hughes