Final Hound Count

GBGW 2014 as we hoped has been an extraordinary event – breaking records, opening new doors and setting Facebook on fire over the last 24 hours!

Hounds In the UK:
88 main walks
16 mini walks
3370 sighthounds walked
215 non greyhounds walked

Hounds Globally:
26 walks
529 sighthounds walked
78 non greyhounds walked

The GBGW Team just cannot express how delighted they are and how grateful we are for every ounce of effort put in by everyone to make this our very best year ever. Feedback on Facebook, Twitter and email has been brilliant. The photos that have been posted have been just wonderful and have shown just how much we all love our sighthounds.

Founder & Trustee of Greyhound Walks - Very proud owner of greyhounds Chelsea (Charlotte Scarlet 1996 - 2011) and George (Kong Ming 2005 - )