GBGW 2014 – The Final Count

GBGW 2014 Figures
Across the UK 3360 Sighthounds walked 215 companion dogs went a walking with them.
There were 88 Main Walk and 16+ Little Local Walks
Since GBGW 2013 another 1926 sighthound lovers have joined the GBGW Facebook Group
In the last 24 hours over a thousand text messages were sent, and many hundred received during the walk data collection process.

GBGW HQ volunteers would like to say HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated whether they were the organiser of a walk of 100+ hounds, a walk of 1 hound or someone who went and enjoyed the company of sighthounds and their owners.

GBGW Belfast

60+ hounds in Belfast

Founder & Trustee of Greyhound Walks - Very proud owner of greyhounds Chelsea (Charlotte Scarlet 1996 - 2011) and George (Kong Ming 2005 - )