GBGW Goes Global


This year we are extending the invitation to greyhound owners globally and we would love you to join us in our promotion of greyhounds as pets.


On 22nd June, the 5th Great British Greyhound Walk is taking place. Large groups of people and their hounds throughout the UK will be gathering together on communal walks to, primarily, promote and build awareness of the greyhound breed, hence the title, but also other sighthound related breeds e.g. lurchers, galgo’s, etc.

Here in the UK people are recognising that greyhounds make great pets. Once they have finished their racing careers we all know how our greyhounds love home life and make fantastic companions and this is the key message of the day.

Despite the time differences and language problems, as the aim is to promote our hounds, get people noticing them and talking about them, hopefully with rehoming in mind as every year many thousands of greyhounds need to find safe, family homes after they have finished racing.

We invite you to join us on our inaugral year by contacting [email protected]

Please join us and register your interest now. If you have any questions or would like to know more information please reply to above address.

Founder & Trustee of Greyhound Walks - Very proud owner of greyhounds Chelsea (Charlotte Scarlet 1996 - 2011) and George (Kong Ming 2005 - )