Welcome to the Great Global Greyhound Walk

GBGW 3hound logo

In 2010 the Great British Greyhound Walk changed from an idea, thought of on a greyhound walk, into a real event. There was a total of 24 walks in the UK and 1624 greyhounds participated. The GBGW Founder, Janet Peacock, was both happy and surprised at the attendance numbers.

Since then, in its 5th year, the Great British Greyhound Walk went Global and a total of 21 Worldwide Walks took place. In 2015, the number of Worldwide Walks increased again. After last year’s event, the “Boss” Janet, decided to take more of a backseat role. She handed the reins over to myself and I┬áhope I can fill her boots. One of my aims as the new “Boss” is to encourage our overseas organisers and walkers.

In light of the success globally, and as the event evolves, the name needs to evolve and reflect the global aspect.

We are very pleased to announce the Great Global Greyhound Walk.

GGGW 3hound logo

Sue Hughes