GGGW 2021 overview of results

2021 Global Results! 7,509 Sighthounds (467 of those waiting to be adopted) 343 Global Walks 26 Countries 132 Rescues / Organisations participated Public Walks 237 (69%) Private Walks 106 (31%) 6 Kennel Walks (167 sighthounds waiting to be adopted) 93 Walks with 2 sighthounds or less (145 sighthounds) 27% of walks 73 Walks with 3-10 […]

GGGW2021 huge success!

Following on from the cancellation last year due to Coronavirus, the Great Global Greyhound Walk of 2021 was a huge success. We asked everyone to join in with our theme of Bold and Blue, and they certainly did with many humans and hounds dressing up. The annual event aims to raise awareness of greyhounds, and […]

2021 GGGW Final Walk Numbers

Thanks also to all the walk organisers and walkers worldwide who contributed to such a great total despite COVID restrictions. 343 walks 7509 sighthounds walked, with 467 of those available for adoption/looking for homes. 3965 in the UK (3383 England), 1030 in the USA, 953 in Europe, (Austria, 59; Belgium, 89; Czech Republic, 169; France, […]

2020 GGGW VIRTUAL walk

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Global Greyhound Walk was cancelled in 2020. However, many people still walked ‘together’ in celebration of greyhounds on Sunday 4th October 2020. They may have been on their own or in small groups but by sending in their photos to our facebook page and via email, everyone joined […]

2020 Calendar Photo Competition

This is your chance to get your photo of your hound(s) in the inaugural GGGW calendar! With COVID-19 hitting charities hard, we aim to raise funds to help the sighthound re-homing centres cope at this awful time. Classes 1. Best Roach 2. Best Ears 3. Best Action 4. Best Christmas 5. Best snowy/winter 6. Most […]

Provisional new date for GGGW 2020

18.3.20 – CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 STATEMENT  Sadly we have taken the decision to postpone the Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020. Provisionally we propose Sunday 11th October 2020 as a new date. No-one knows how long the virus will be about for, so our October date is made as a suggestion, with the hope that all be […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 statement

STATEMENT from GREAT GLOBAL GREYHOUND WALK reference Coronavirus COVID-19 With 3 months still to go until GGGW day (Sunday 14th June) we are aware of and monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus. Day by day things are changing and we feel it is too soon to change our plans yet. We will continue to follow […]

GGGW 2020 is coming!

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is now open for walk registrations for this years event on Sunday 14th June 2020. Our theme for 2020 is BLUE. We invite hounds and humans to attend wearing something blue. The GGGW is planning to be BIG, BOLD & BLUE this year! Walks will take part all across the […]

£4,000 Christmas Giveaway!

The £4,000 Christmas share! We asked, via our facebook page, nominations for the rescues that took part in the GGGW 2019. We received 36 full nominations. Each rescue will receive £108 each. To add a little fun, we allocated each rescue a number (below), those numbers went in to a hat and we pulled out […]

10th year is a record breaker!

The 2019 GGGW was the biggest yet!  With 8795 hounds taking part across the world, over 2400 up on the previous best! Click below to see the final 2019 Press Release 2019GGGWfinalpressrelease

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