Introducing the GBGW Team: Claire (Evie)

In this series of posts you’ll get to know the folks and (more importantly) the ‘hounds behind the Great British Greyhound Walk.

Evie, Claire & George

Evie, Claire & George

Introducing: (The Other) Claire

Known affectionately by all the ‘hounds on the walks as “Aunty Claire”, Claire Reilly is responsible for distributing both her infamous Liver Cake and all of GBGW’s print media.

Claire’s life changed dramatically three years ago when her boss of 20 years died suddenly after returning home from a holiday in Oman. After 20 years of devoting her time to a great boss on a full time basis, she was asked by his family to continue working for them, but on a part time basis.

This gave Claire the opportunity to do something she had wanted to do all her life: own a dog. Not just any dog though, Evie Greyhound entered her life and has been her constant companion and best friend for the last two and a half years.

Greyhounds have now become a massive part of Claire’s life and she says that she has met more people in the last two years than she has in the last decade!

Many of the Walkers have become great friends and Claire can say without a doubt that owning a Greyhound has certainly changed her life for the better.


Evie: Award-winning Brindle


Evie is a beautiful, sweet Brindle girl and Official Girlfriend to Greyhound Walks’ Greyhound-in-Chief, George (who owns Janet Peacock).

Evie likes nothing more than letting Claire have 25% of the sofa so that they can sit together in the evening and watch TV.

Although Evie loves going for walks with all her doggy friends, she is in training at the moment for the Olympics – she is in the “Sleeping for Britain” team and is practising snoozing, forty winks, sleeping and napping.

She has a very good chance of winning a Gold Medal for our country later on this year!