Our GBGW 2014 Ambassador has started work!

Our newest member of the GBGW team has started work!

GBGW Ambassador

Jack JT Alford our GBGW 2014 Ambassador racin terwards da GBGW day!!!!!!

We are delighted that Jack JT Alford has taken on the Ambassadorial duties for the Great British Greyhound Walk for 2014 and we’re going to keep him very busy between now and 22nd June spreading the word for the 5th GBGW.

Jack JT Alford has a big job ahead as he follows in the paw steps of our first Ambassador David’s Best Mate.

David's Best Mate

David’s Best Mate
1.10.2002- 7.2.2014



David’s contribution, with the aid of his Sekretary Becky Carr, to the love and promotion of greyhounds and sighthounds is immeasurable and the worldwide community of sighthound owners were very saddened when he made his journey to Rainbow Bridge on 7 February 2014.

Run free, spin madly and bark loudly at the bridge DBM.

Founder & Trustee of Greyhound Walks - Very proud owner of greyhounds Chelsea (Charlotte Scarlet 1996 - 2011) and George (Kong Ming 2005 - )