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*** Can only be used on white or light coloured garments only ***

A6 (small, roughly 4.0 x 5.7 inches)
A5 (medium, roughly 5.7 x 8.1 inches)
A4 (large, roughly 8.2 x 11.5 inches)


Iron-On Transfer Instructions

You will need: a domestic iron, hard surface and LIGHT coloured fabric

  1. Cut around the transfer leaving a margin of 2-3mm around the edge which is unprinted.
  2. Set the iron to the highest setting but DO NOT use steam or water. (Do not use a travel iron as it is not powerful enough)
  3. Using a hard surface covered with material (not an ironing board as you need pressure), pre iron the garment to remove any creases.
  4. While the fabric is still warm, place your transfer on it, face down in the chosen area.
  5. Press the iron firmly over the transfer for 15-20 seconds in each area until the entire area has been covered by the iron.
  6. Concentrate on the edges using a circular motion. After 60-90 seconds the transfer should be totally stuck to the garment.
  7. When the transfer has cooled down peel the backing paper off in one smooth motion. Turn garment inside out before washing.

The above are the instructions from the company.  When I applied the A6 transfers, by pressing hard, 30 seconds was enough for the transfer if was on the highest heat.  I only needed 40 seconds on the A5 transfer. I haven’t applied the A4 but I would suggest the 60-90 seconds as recommended.

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Transfer Size

A6, A5, A4

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