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We are small family business that specialises in high quality Artisan Handmade and Hand tempered chocolate. All our chocolate is gluten free and nut free at source and our dark is dairy free so we are able to offer an extensive Vegan range. We only use natural oils and ingredients and there is no palm oil in our chocolate either. We have specialist lines of both Sighthounds and equine shapes.


 Richard Skipworth – Freelance cartoonist & illustrator.

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GREAT PAWS – Australia

Treats and treasures for your hound, greyt or small.

Find us on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/greytpaws

Email contact – [email protected]

Pointy Faces is the one stop shop for sighthounds which is dedicated to keeping your hound healthy and happy.


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For over thirty years man’s best friend has dominated every minute of my life, at first as just a dog owner until it developed into more.
I have been working intensively with dogs, or rather with their owners since 2008, starting with a dog service and dog care for small dogs, and since 2011 as a trainer for dog owners. After a long search for meaningful and sustainable ways of training dogs, I was convinced by the cause-oriented approach to the communication problems between dogs and humans. If a dog owner can eradicate the causes of his dog’s behaviour, the dog will no longer display the (unwanted) behaviour.  I constantly take part in seminars etc. Nutritional and health advice for dogs, and dog physiotherapy are just as much a part of my field of activity, as is working with “problematic” dogs, including fitness and relaxation training for dogs and owners.
I believe a harmonious relationship between man and dog is the basis for a stress-free life together in a society in which the dog is becoming increasingly important and as a result polarizes.http://www.stresslessdogs.de