How to attend a walk

Great Global Greyhound Walks are open to everyone regardless of where they may have re-homed their hound from.  You don’t have to join anything, register anywhere or book in advance but you might want to contact the local volunteer organiser if you want more information, their details are on the walk listing.

Simply arrive at the walk venue in plenty of time and introduce yourself to a walk organiser/helper or chat with the other people waiting to walk.  All sighthound owners seem to love to talk about their dogs!

All the volunteers are a friendly bunch and will do their utmost to make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys the event.

Even if you don’t have a ‘hound of your own, why not come along to “test-drive” one and support the cause?

tynemouth great british greyhound walk

Enjoying the shade on the sunny Tynemouth walk


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