About the Walks

GBGW Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand with GBGW fever!

Each Great Global Greyhound Walk is organised by a local volunteer. Either a keen sighthound owner who likes to meet up with other owners or a local rescue.  All have the same goal in mind and that is to make it a special day for greyhounds and their sighthound cousins, promote and demonstrate what wonderful pets they make.

To ‘make a day of it’ the walks are often followed by a social or fundraising event: picnics, BBQ’s, mini dog shows, awareness stalls etc. which helps promote the hounds even more and hopefully raise some much needed funds to help those still waiting for homes. Some walkers just stop for a chat and cuppa or take a visit to the local.

But whether they are in Sterling or Sussex, Cornwall or Cheshire, Melbourne (Australia) or Mojacar (Spain) everyone feels part of a very big, and proud family.



Sedgefield GBGW 2014

Who would like to share a picnic? – Sedgefield GBGW

Countdown to GGGW 2022