If you can’t find a walk local to you, why not organise your own walk and be part of this global spectacular!  

In 2021, walk organisers created an event that saw 7,509 sighthounds participate across 343 walks in 27 Countries!

Would you like to be part of growing this Sighthound Spectacular?!

Check out our video to get more info!

 It is really easy, you simply choose where you would like to walk, register your walk on our website and report your figures to us on the day of your walk!

It really is that easy!

If you would like to find out more, please take a look at the information below.

We really hope you can join us and show your Sighthounds off to the world!

Who is the event open to?

Anybody with a Sighthound!  Whether you want to organise a large group walk or simply do your usual walk with your sighthound, everyone is welcome to join in and be part of this fantastic global event!

Do I have to pay to register a walk / attend a walk?

No this is a completely free event for all!

When do I have to walk?

To be included in the global total, your walk must be carried out on the day of the event (Sunday 25th September 2022).

What time does my walk have to start?

Historically the walks have started at 10am.  The walks started in the UK and were held in June which is an ideal time.  Now we have 27 countries involved, due to the differences in temperatures across the world, we suggest that you start at a time suitable for the hounds.  i.e. If it is going to be warm, an earlier walk may be best.

How do you register your walk?

You need to do this on our website, here (registrations not open until 2022)

Decide your walk type from the following 4 options:

  • Public Group Walk – Sighthounds Only– This walk will appear on our map and made public so other walkers may join you.
  • Public Group Walk – Sighthounds and other breeds from a Sighthound family – This walk will appear on our map and made public so other walkers may join you.
  • Private Walk – Just you and your hound(s) or you can invite some friends. This walk will not appear on the map to ensure the public will not see your walk and can not  Your hounds will still count towards the global total.
  • Private Kennel Walk – For rescues who are unable to bring their hounds to a public walk who are waiting for their forever homes.  This walk will not appear on the map to ensure the public will not see your walk and can not  Your hounds will still count towards the global total.

What do you need to do after you have registered your walk?

We will publish your walk on our website within 24 hours of your registration.

If you have organised a Public Walk: you will be able to see your walk details on the pin on our map here.  You will need to check the details on the pin are correct and reply to the email to confirm you have done this or let us know of any changes. It is important the details on the pin are correct as this is what your walkers will see.

If you have registered a Private Walk: you will simply need to reply to the email to confirm you have received it.

How do you communicate the number of sighthounds walked on the day?

If your walk is based in the UK, you would just need to text us.  If your walk is outside of the UK, you would simply send us an email.  We ask for 2 figures from our walk organisers:

1) Number of sighthounds who attended

2) Number of homeless sighthounds who attended the walk.

Details of how to send us your walk figures are communicated via email or text a couple of days prior to the walk.  If you are outside the UK, you will just need to reply to the email as this will contain your walk name in the header of the email so we can note the correct figures to the correct walk.

When do you have to get your figures to us?

We ask that all figures are given to us during or immediately after your walk.  Please pass them to us by 6pm local time latest on the day of the walk, so we can start collating.  If you are a non UK walk and don’t have access to email immediately after or during your walk, please let us know and we can give you some other options.

Pictures of your hounds on the day

Is there anything better than looking through a tonne of pictures of happy hounds across the world?!  It really is a sight to be seen!  These can either be emailed to us or post them straight on to our Facebook page.  The theme for the 2022 event is RED.  Why not dress your hound up (and yourself) in red and get a picture!  Our Facebook page is buzzing on the day of the walk and full of pictures of hounds all over the world.  You don’t have to dress up to be involved, it can simply be the hounds enjoying their walk.  The 2021 walk theme was blue.  You can see some great pictures on our gallery.


We have a shop where we sell merchandise from Walking Jackets to Dog Bandanas to Badges.  The merchandise has our logo with ‘Great Global Greyhound Walk’.  We also have bags, bandanas and dog vests with various messages, ‘Greyhounds Make Great Pets’, Sighthounds Make Great Pets’, ‘I Need A Home’ and many more.  These are sold to walkers through our website but we offer these at a wholesale price to walk organisers so they can sell at their walk.  We hope that this will help organisations raise funds for their rescue.  We email a brochure to our walk organisers prior to our shop opening to walkers which will give organisers time to take orders and get their orders to us.

What we ask from you:

Complete the registration form in full with as many details as possible as this is what your walkers will see

Reply to the email following your registration to confirm your walk (if you haven’t received one, please check spam)

Send us your walk numbers by 6pm (your local time) on the day of the walk

We have a really helpful guide GGGW Rules  which you can download. 

Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

How we can help you:

You can find our more info on our website and Facebook Page.

You can ask questions on our Facebook page and we can link you up with a mentor.

We will promote your public walks on our map and Facebook page.

Once registered, you can join the Walk Organisers Facebook page.

Our volunteers are here to help you with any part of your walk from general moral support, ideas for making it a bigger event to helping to do a Risk Assessment if you’re asked for one

If you have any further questions, you can email us at [email protected]


Will you have sighthounds looking for their forever homes attending your walk?

If so, why not drop us an email with a picture and write up about your sighthound along with the walk you will be attending.  We will then advertise them within our website/Facebook page.  You never know, someone may join your walk and may fall in love!  (Several hounds looking for their forever homes have found them on a global walk).  You can see some of the stories here:  (due to the number of organisations who take part, we have to limit this to 2 sighthounds per rescue, but of course, you can take more to your walk).

Rescues / Organisations / Walking Groups Participating

If you register a walk and you are part of an organisation, we will add your organisation to our website with a link to your website and Facebook page.  You can see which organisations participated in 2021 here

Other Information:

Some of our walk organisers turn their walks in to a full morning / day event.  Some have stalls, bake cakes, sell teas / coffees, hold raffles, sell merchandise etc.  You can make your event as big or as small as you like.  This event is suitable for organisations who want to make a full day of it or simply an owner who takes their hound for a walk from their own home but everyone can feel they are part of a global event!  For the non breed specific rescues, why not hold a ‘Sighthound Sunday’ day and promote your hounds locally?!  We have a ‘more info’ field on the registration form, so you can detail any other plans you have for the day and local walkers will be able to see this.  You may have some new walkers join you!

It really is that simple!  We would love it if you could join us!  The aim of the day is to promote sighthounds as fantastic pets and for owners to get together with their hounds and enjoy a lovely walk together. Most importantly, is that hounds and owners have fun!

What else we offer outside of the annual walk

If you have a local sighthound walking group (or an all breeds walking group that include sighthounds), we are happy to add this to our list of walks.  We promote this page outside of the Global walk, so you may have others with sighthounds join your walk!  You can see this list here


Useful links:

Our Website

Find your local Global Walk here: (These are the Public Walks registered for the 2021 event).  If you click on the pin on the map, you will see the details for the walks)

Rescues / Organisations / Walking Groups who participated in 2021

Walk Results: 

Global Overview By Year

Top 10 Walks by year

Walk Numbers by Country

Walk Numbers By State/Province/County/Region:

Participating Countries by Year

Hounds Homed as a result of the Global Walk

Walk Gallery throughout the years

Sighthound Walking Groups outside of the Global Walk

Leaflets, Posters and Handouts for your walk

You can find more information about the walks here:

Register your walk:  The form is currently under construction.  Due to the growth of the event, we are currently developing this to make it easier for walk organisers.  We will open the registrations a couple of months before the event.  We will advertise the opening on our Facebook page and website.

Facebook Page

If you would like more details, would like any ideas or have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read, we really hope you can join us at our 2022 event!


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