How to organise a walk?

If you can’t find a walk local to you, why not organise your own Great Global Greyhound Walk? Anyone is very welcome to.

We have a really helpful guide GGGW Rules  which you can download.  If you still have questions then do visit our group on Facebook … lots of organisers are there to offer help and advice or we can link you up with a mentor.  You can also contact us by email [email protected] with any questions.  Then when you’re ready to go for it simply register your walk online*, there are just a few common sense rules we ask you to stick to.

What types of walks are there?

There are four types of walk you can do

  • Greyhound & Sighthound Only – just as it says;  no messing.
  • Greyhound PLUS – greyhounds, sighthounds and other breeds from a greyhound family (companion dogs).
  • Little Local Walk – you can’t get to one of the large organised walks but still want to be involved?  Then register with us and walk with your hounds and you’ll be a part of this exciting day.  You’re just as important!
  • Private Walk – if you have a reason or need, that you wish to walk alone with your sighthound(s), choose Private Walk and your registration will still count.  Also suitable for kennels that cannot accept the public visiting.
organising a greyhound walk

Whether you use a megaphone, Hi-Viz coat or a stall it’s good to know who’s in charge.

 What happens after you register?

  • We’ll approve your registration and your walk will then be added to the map and be on the ‘The List’
  • Your walk will be promoted through the website and Facebook
  • Our volunteers are here to help you with any part of your walk from general moral support, ideas for making it a bigger event to helping to do a Risk Assessment if you’re asked for one
  • On walk day, we’ll text you and wait for you to text us back with your hound numbers
  • Whatever type of walk you’re doing during walk day we’ll be texting organisers and updating Facebook and Twitter  so that you’re updated with the national/international total.
flagged globe GBGW

2015 saw walks being organised not just in the UK but around the World!

Countdown to GGGW 2021