The Great Global Greyhound Walk is proven to find homes for hounds!

Here are some of the homing stories from the GGGW!

If you’re part of a re-homing centre, please consider participating in the Great Global Greyhound Walk (GGGW) and hopefully you can home a hound too!


2021 – Ruby found her home in Italy with Casa Degli Elfi Rescue Odv – Podencos and Co!

Here’s what Casa Degli Elfi Rescue Odv – Podencos and Co have to say.  ‘Here we go again, with the 3rd adoption tagged Casa degli Elfi (IT), perhaps one of the best adoptions. It all started during the Great Global Greyhound Walk. This family didn’t know the reality of these dogs and participated more out of curiosity…. They certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with Ruby right away, Podenco who immediately created a special bond with Zoe’.

2021 – Moky found his home in Italy with Casa Degli Elfi Rescue Odv – Podencos and Co!

Here’s what Casa Degli Elfi Rescue Odv – Podencos and Co have to say: ‘Here we are again with good news. After participating in the Great Global Greyhound Walk, Moky has also finally found adoption’.


2021 – Sally found her home in Italy with Casa Degli Elfi Rescue Odv – Podencos and Co!

Here’s what Casa Degli Elfi Rescue Odv – Podencos and Co have to say: ‘Hello everyone, Casa degli Elfi (Italy) is pleased to inform you that after participating in the Great Global Greyhound Walk, our Sally has found adoption’

Enjoy your new life in your forever homes Sally, Moky and Ruby!  Hope you can all join us at next years walk!

SCOTTY found a home via the GGGW 2019 in Germany

At the time of the GGGW 2019, Pro Greyhound EV had greyhound lad Scotty looking for a home. Sadly Scotty had progressive retinal atrophy with his right eye completely blind and just 20-30% vision in his left eye.  At the GGGW in Meerbusch, Germany  a couple attended who had a galgo girl and found out about Pro Greyhound EV. A couple of days after the walk, they emailed the charity and said they had seen Scotty’s details and were very interested in adopting him. After researching blind dogs, visiting Scotty at his foster home and having a home check, all went well and the couple adopted Scotty!

FOXIE and BOYCIE found homes by attending GGGW in 2019

Jodie Payne works hard to rehome greyhounds and took 2 of her hounds along to the GGGW in 2019.

Foxie (now renamed Flopsie) and Boysie (pictured)  both found their forever families at the walk!

TIMMY found a home by attending a GGGW in 2019

Timmy was looking for a home with Clarks Farm ,Maldon. He had been homed twice and was retuned twice, so he was taken on the GGGW in 2019. Janet Langrish met him there and the rest is history – Timmy had found his FOREVER home!

MAUD found a home by participating at the GGGW Brandon, UK 2018 walk:



Debbie of the Kings Lynn Greyhound Trust says “GGGW is a great day out for the kennel dogs and with so many Hound lovers gathered together it’s no wonder it’s also a great opportunity for finding homes for our Greyhounds. Last year at the Brandon Country Park walk the lovely Maud found her forever home! What an amazing end to a fabulous day.”
Maud’s new owners Johnnie and Sue Hales say – “We took our two other Greyhounds along to the GGGW, as we always do, not really looking for another hound. But, fortunately for us we met the beautiful Maud and fell in love at first sight. So glad we went, so glad we met our girl.”

AURORA found a home due to the GGGW in 2018:

Charlie Read, Aurora’s owner says: “Last year we saw a group of greyhounds (on a GGGW) in our town, we went to investigate and one of the lovely greyhound owners gave us a leaflet and we walked with them and they even let my little girl walk one of the hounds, we got chatting and found out they do a smaller weekly walk, we asked if it was ok for us to join with our little dog to see how he gets on they said yes. So we went on the smaller walk made lots of friends and we decided to adopt a greyhound – and Aurora has now settled in with the kids and our other dog.”

LOGAN found a home in 2013 due to his owners meeting lots of greyhounds at a GGGW:

Logan’s owner Elaine says: “My husband (David) and myself, attended what was the Great British Greyhound Walk at Witton Park, Blackburn, UK in June 2013, mainly to meet up with my daughter and her two greyhounds. We were very kindly loaned a hound called Ellie (who, unfortunately, is no longer with us), owned by Chris and Anna Marie Farrow, we really enjoyed the walk and meeting all the hounds. By the end of July we had adopted a three year old straight from kennels, now called Logan. It took some time and patience to get him settled in a home but was certainly worth it, the following January we adopted another one called Belle who was a beautiful black girl. Sadly, after almost four years she developed a very large brain tumour, she went for radiotherapy but was so ill we had to make the decision to put her to sleep. We have since adopted another boy called Max who is great company for Logan.
All of this is due to going to the walk in 2013. We have taken ours on the Great Global Walks every year since.”