What the humans thought

It is a great way to meet other greyhound/sighthound owners that are local and in doing can meet up regularly for local walks.

Thank you Sharon for organising our global walk in Luton. I know it was a lot of work but we would all agree it was worth it. Well done!

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is an excellent opportunity to take part in an international effort to raise awareness of greyhounds as a breed and promote greyhound adoption. Because of the size and scope of the GGGW now, it provides Greyhounds as Pets New Zealand with a novel basis from which to capture the attention of local media and help promote not just the GGGW itself, but the work of our adoption programme to find loving homes for as many of these gentle, affectionate, beautiful, elegant, goofy and entirely charming as possible.

Great Global Greyhound Walk is a great way to bring like-minded people together, whilst raising awareness of how greyt hounds are! We have made many new friends thanks to this event and look forward to more to come. Bring on GGGW 2017!!

Loved being able to meet other hounds and their owners. Everyone is always so friendly and my greyhound just loves meeting other sighthounds.

A wonderful morning with lots of like minded people. Can’t wait until next year.

After organising a walk every year since the GGGW began, I can happily say that it is a houndy hightlight of my year. There is a huge sense of achievement, knowing that you are not only helping to promote these beautiful dogs to the public but are enabling so many people & hounds to make friends & to enjoy socialising as part of a global community, whilst also raising funds for hounds in need.
The GGGW admin team are hugely supportive & all walkers are valued from 1 hound to a hundred.

Thoroughly enjoyed the walk at Brecon Mountain Centre. The goodie bags and rosettes were a nice touch! Everyone on the walk was friendly and shared stories of their dogs. Myself and my daughter walked with our two dogs and Steph the organiser looked after us well. This is the 4th GGGW we have done with her and look forward to the next one!

Friendly social atmosphere.

My husband and I enjoyed the Global Greyhound walk. Was great to meet new people and their sweet greys!! Looking forward to more activities in the future!!

We have been going to these events every year since it started and every year it gets better.

The GGGW is a great opportunity to meet other greyhounds and sighthound owners and their dogs. A friendly walk and get together and to be seen by the public as to what a wonderful breed the greyhound is. In my experience with my retired racer they just love to walk with other greyhounds and their friends and are usually very happy to be together and in their forever homes.

This walk was our first walk with GGGW. It was a wonderful experience with an amazing group of people. We felt very welcomed and completely loved the experience. We will be back next year!

Brilliant route and absolutely lovely to see all the sighthounds together.

Greyt event as always, showcasing what wonderful companions greyhounds are.

What the hounds thought

I loved my walk with all my friends but especially loved meeting up with my best mate, Mungo. People say we have a real bromance going on

Herro, tis Pebbles (below) heer. I woz at da worlk in San Jose, CA, USA wiff 38 of me frends and alzo me stinky sisfur. She led the oldies on a short worlk, and I took the long rowt. Was triffic smellin’ all me pals an visitin wiff der muvvers and favvers. An won of the arnties brawt treets fur us howndies, dey wur lishus ! I luv worlks ! The wevver woz fyne (qwite warm, akshooly) an we had a bbq wiff nyse smells. I iz lookin forword too next yeers worlk ! I iz da wyte hownd in da foto,wiff me arntie and me Dad and sisfur (front) and Floyd.


That was a nice change. New bums to sniff. Can we go home now mum, I’m tired.

We went walkies and luffed the sossiges!

Rikki & Buffy (below) – Really Momma – THREE times around the lake?? Zzzzzzzzzzz


Lucy & Stig said “We really enjoyed our first GGGW, even dough Mum dressed us up in embarrassing feathery carnival collars wiv beads & bells on… No one else had dem and we felt a bit daft, but lots of da hoomuns liked dem. We had our photo taken lots.¬†We met lots of new houndie pals, especially Mack, & we did loads of sniffin. Da weather was nice so we did a long walk frew fields with sheeps and everyone was werry well behaved, even da hoomuns! We had a picnic afterwards & Mum bringed cheese and snossidges which we “had” to share wiv all da uver houndies. We was werry tired out at da end of da day but will definitely go to next year’s walk!”

Max (below) said he loved all the attention, cuddles, treats and sossiges and wearing his Ambassadog outfit really wasn’t that bad really, even if some of his friends laughed at him.


Master Arrow couldn’t believe his luck. I have only been in my new home for a week and was then leading our little local walk. I met 11 other sighthounds who were all really well behaved and I also met a couple of children who were so good. The humans¬†behaved very well at the cafe, where they ate cake and drank coffee and me and my new friends enjoyed sausages. Oooh, we also had liver cake.