GGGW BIG Christmas Draw

We recently held a competition on our Facebook group that amounted to donations wins of a total of £3,000.  Group members were asked to nominate their favourite sighthound charity. This led to 500 comments, 74 UK charities and 26 global charities being nominated. All nominated charities were put in the hat once and winners were […]

Competition winners

We had another successful competition this year. Our theme was Colours of the World and saw lots of sighthounds dressed for the occasion.  Our global winner was Rufus and UK winner Tess.    Congratulations to the two of them. Here are some of the other entries.

Another Successful Year

2017 proved to be bigger and better than ever. We had 97 UK and 72 Global walks registered. Here in the UK 3,678 sighthounds walked and globally 2,024 sighthounds, giving a total of 5,702. New Zealand kicked off proceedings, followed by Australia, The Philippines and United Arab Emirates  New Zealand kicked off proceedings, quickly followed […]

Walk registrations are closed

We’ve reached the time where we have to close walk registrations for the year. We have 97 walk in the UK and a huge 74 global walks registered. Give yourselves a pat on the back everyone who took the time to register their walk. We would like to wish everyone a successful walk and whether […]

We are now on Twitter

As many of you know we have a very active Facebook group with over 4,000 members. We also have a Twitter account that was launched 2 weeks ago. If you are a “Twit” or whatever the term is for Twitters why not follow us on the following link. @GGGW2017 Tweets by GGGW2017  

Walk Registration

Walk registrations are now open for 2017. Head over to the Organisers tab to register a walk find hints and tips on promoting your walk. The Walkers tab has all the info you need to find your nearest walk, where to park and any social being held.