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Greyhounds: Ownership or cult?

Not a blog this time but I think we will all relate to this. In a cult, you have a group of people with the single purpose of furthering an agenda or purpose. An exclusive club so to speak. That got me thinking. Having rescued many different breeds of dogs in my life, I thought […]

Frankie’s Christmas Down Under

Kia Ora! My name is Frankie (Goldstar Frankie) and I live in Nelson, New Zealand. I love Christmas time here because I get to hang out with lots of family and there is a special decoration on the tree with my name on it. This year was extra exciting as my brother Charlie (Goldstar Chumlee) […]

Where did it all begin

A long tail Sometimes there are people who start with little more than an idea but then it becomes bigger than they could ever imagine, this is the story of one such idea taking flight and touching the lives of many people-and their dogs. Some years back I bumped into a small group of people […]

Flash, Whizz, Bangs

It is thought that 45% of dogs suffer from anxiety and show signs of fear caused by fireworks or loud noises. Here are some suggestions to help make bonfire night less stressful for your dogs. It is also worth remembering your dog will pick up how you are feeling, so try to remain calm and […]

Camping with Archie & Greyhound Walks

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I went camping with Inka, Dante (mums nephew) and mum to Essex. I have been camping before but I was staying for 3 nights this time. The best thing, though, was that it was with lots of other greyhounds, lurchers and some podenco’s, they are quite beautiful, even the boys. […]

Molly’s Story

Molly is blogging this month all the way from the USA. Here is her story.   My name is Molly, and I’m a brindle greyhound that lives in San Jose, California with my sister Pebbles and our two cats, Leo and Joey. I’m 11 1/2, and Pebbles is almost 5. She arrived two weeks after […]


About me My name is Archie and I am a retired greyhound or as mum says a retired greyt-hound. I live in Warwickshire with my brother Inka (who isn’t really my brother). He is a lurcher and although Inka is smaller than me, he’s the boss in the house. All he has to do is […]