And The Numbers Are In…

GBGW 2012 Round-Up

Phew! Can you believe it’s over for another year?

Despite nationwide weather conditions that ranged from mildly miserable to downright dire, we still managed to break last year’s record for number of Walks: upping the total walks from 58 to a whopping 75 Organised Walks!

A fantastic achievement as I’m sure you will all agree, especially given the downpours and boggy terrain most of us had to deal with. And to think it was only this time last year that our hounds donned their “cool coats” as we hosed them down – such is the joy of good ol’ British Summers.

Although we didn’t break last year’s record for most ‘hounds walking, we are proud to announce that this year’s total currently rests at a very respectable 2233 Hounds (Greyhounds, Lurchers & Sighthounds).

If you want to find out how your walk fared amongst the others or indeed, walks of previous years, a full break-down can be found on the Official GBGW League Table.

But rest assured, no matter where you walked or how many hounds attended, you all contributed to supporting a cause very close to our hearts: the promotion, welfare and enjoyment of Greyhounds.

We couldn’t be more grateful to you, or more proud of your efforts. Together, we made GBGW 2012 a success and our thanks go out to every dog and their human that took part.

Until next year,