And, We’re Live!

The brand new Great British Greyhound Walk official launch!

Our new site boasts an (ever-growing) list of upcoming walks, so why not find a walk local to you? We’ll be adding locations across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland throughout the coming weeks, so keep checking back for updates.

Alternatively, to stay up-to-date with all developments, follow us on Twitter.

Is there not a walk close enough to you? Do not despair, simply read How Do I Organise A Walk and submit a walk of your own.

Before You Go…

The Great British Greyhound Walk is getting bigger and better every year – and it’s all down to you. From Twitter “tweets” and Facebook “likes” to volunteers, walk organisers and regular walkers, it’s your taking part that makes GBGW happen and we couldn’t do it without you.

So please, spread the word in whatever way you can; no tweet is too small, no walking-group too large.

We want to make this year’s GBGW the biggest and best yet; to promote the rescuing, rehoming and reverance of Greyhounds across the nation and celebrate the hounds that already enrich our lives and hog our sofas, for our lives would not be the same without them.

Every hound waiting for a home deserves our best effort, so come on and let’s all put our best paws forward for this year’s Great British Greyhound Walk: Promoting Greyhounds, one step at a time…